Science and progress move swiftly. Through innovation and study, magic in the form of mechanika has become commonplace throughout Western Immoren. Steam-powered constlncts and ot’her advanced technologies have existed in one form or another since the first colossal strode the fields of battle, crushing the Orgoth beneath its immense, metal fists. This science has proven as potent as the Gift of magic.

Mechanika is the application of magic to augment physical science. Steam pistons and hydraulics work in concert to provide power to magical conduits. Mechanika runes enable arcane mechaniks to create devices that function consistently and are easy to use despite their extraordinary workings.

Mechanikal Items

A mechanikal itern has three components: housing, capacitor, and runeplate. The housing is the shell that contains the mechanikal components. In the case of a mechanikal weapon, this is the weapon itself. The capacitor is the arcane power source that powers the mechanika. The runeplate is the special plate inscribed with the arcane glyphs that give the item its magical effects. The runes inscribed on the runeplate determine the mechanikal item’s particulal magical properties.

Some items requile specialized runes and runeplates that function only with that item. Other devices can work with a host of different runes, and sn’itching betrveen runeplates gives the item different arcane effects. For example, a mechanikal sword can function with either a Fire runeplate or an Overkill runeplate, with different arcane effects. A mechanikal sword cannot be made to function with the Fleet rune from a suit of mechanikal armor.

Some runes provide a constant benefit while the item is powered, while others are activated only briefly for a short-term effect. For example, some mechanikal weapons are set with force triggers and activate only upon striking a blow in combat.

All mechanikal weapon and armor runeplates integrate glyphs that compensate fol the added weight of mechanikal augmentation. These glyphs are constantly active but draw only a minute amount of power from the device’s capacitor.

Mechanikal Weapons

While charged, a mechanikal weapon is considered a magical weapon.

If a mechanikal weapon’s capacitor completely loses its charge, the weapon suffels -1 on attack lolls until the capacitor has been recharged or replaced.

Mechanikal Armor

The housing for mechanikal almor is based on rigid plate mail. Chain and leather armor tend to be useless for mechanikal housing, but mechanikal armor can integrate elements of chain and leather armor into its design.

If the capacitor in a suit of mechanikal armor completely loses its charge, the wearer suffers -2 DEF until the capacitor has been recharged or replaced.

Activating a Mechanikal Item

Depending on the nature of its runes, a mechanikal device must either be activated in advance by spending a quick action or be on constantly. Some mechanikal weapons have triggers that activate when the weapon strikes a blow.


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